The following standard conditions apply to every "Corporate Partnership Agreement" and " Casual Hospitality and Event Bookings" accepted by or contract entered into by the South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club (hereinafter called "the club") for the provision of all benefits and associated products.

1.1 In the condition:-
"Casual Booking" means any booking made on a game by game basis
"Condition" means a condition or clause of these conditions;
"Conditions" means the Club's standard conditions of sale set out in this document (which supersede any earlier set of conditions appearing in the Club's brochure or elsewhere) together with any other special conditions agreed by the Club
"the Client" means the firm, company or individual from whom the Agreement is received
"the Contract" means the Agreement and the Club's acceptance thereof together with the Conditions
"Ticket Delivery" means the dispatch of the relevant tickets by post to the Client at the address specified in the Agreement
"the Event" means the sports event or other function for which the Benefits are provided
"the Guests" means the people who the Client invites to attend the Event
"the Agreement" means the completed Corporate Partnership Agreement and or Casual Hospitality and Event Bookings signed by the Client for the provision of the Benefits
"the Benefits" means the benefits described in the Agreement to be supplied by the Club

2.1 The Club shall supply and the Client shall receive the Benefits in accordance with any Agreement which is accepted by the Club provided that no tickets will be issued unless payment is received in accordance with these Conditions.
2.2 All Agreements are accepted subject to the Conditions. These Conditions override any other terms, conditions or warranties which the Client may subsequently seek to impose.
2.3 No variation or supplement to the Conditions shall be binding on the Club unless expressly accepted by the Club in writing.
2.4 The Club reserves the right to terminate the Contract without prior notice in the event the Clients fails to comply with any of these conditions in any material respect.

3.1 The price for the Benefits shall be the price quoted on the Agreement or on the Club's current price list at the time the Agreement was made. Until an Agreement has become binding on the Club all prices are subject to change.

4.1 Payments can be made in full on signing the agreement or two equal instalments with the remaining balance to be paid prior to March 1st per calendar year. Should you sign with the club post March 1st then the full balance is to be paid.
4.2 For all casual bookings full payment must be received in advance of the Event.
4.3 Invoices will be issued by the Club as per the payment terms agreed and payment must be received in full as per the payment details and due date on the invoice. Any dishonoured payments must be remedied within 7 days of notification by the Club. If the preferred payment method is credit card the monthly installments will be processed on the valid credit card on the last day of the month or next working day.
4.4 Should the Client fail to comply with the payment terms outlined within this Agreement, the Club reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to withhold, suspend or terminate the provision of benefits to the Client without formal notice.

5.1 After Ticket Delivery all risk of loss or damage to the tickets shall be the responsibility of the Client.
5.2 If tickets are lost after Ticket Delivery the Club shall provide the Client with duplicates on the day of the Event.

6.1 The Client must act in an appropriate manner at all times and shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of its Guests and will be responsible
for any damages to the property of the Club, Game Day or Event venues caused by it or its Guests during the Event.

7.1 Cancellation by the Club:
a) The Club may cancel any Event or at its discretion offer alternative dates or venues with notice if:
i) The venue is unfit for use or other reasonable cause, or;
ii) You are in breach of any provisions of this Agreement.

8.1 This Agreement may be terminated by the Club, without notice, if the Client is in breach of any provisions of this Agreement.

9.1 The Client undertakes to indemnify the Club against all claims relating to or arising from the Benefits supplied to the Client by the Club in respect to any loss, damage or expense sustained by any third party howsoever caused save for death or personal injury caused in whole or in part by the Club's negligence.

10.1 It is a condition of sales that any of this Agreement or part thereof will not be resold, onsold, sublet or used to enhance the demand for other goods or Benefits, without the prior written approval of the Club. Any breach of this clause will result in the cancellation of this Agreement without a refund.
The Club agrees to provide the benefits as contained within the Agreement to the Client and the Client agrees to accept these terms and conditions.
The Agreement shall commence from the date this form is signed and continue until 31 October 2023 unless stated otherwise